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BBtox Macadamia Ojon Tinting 4 in 1 Reduction Reconstruction Mask 1Kg - Facelook


BBtox Matizador Facelook Cosméticos 4 in 1 is an effective treatment as much as a sealing. Modern treatment based on Ojon and Macadamia Oil, super practical in Volume Reduction and Hair Straightening, treats the entire fiber structure, keeping the strands aligned, nourished, strong, healthy and without frizz. With its exclusive formula based on Ojon and Macadamia, BBtox Capilar Facelook Cosméticos 4 in 1 acts in the sealing of cuticles and mass replacement, recovering the entire capillary structure, in addition to discolored threads, it has a tinting action. And in the other shades, it invigorates the color.Result: Straight, healthy hair, treated hair fiber, without frizz with shine and reduced volume.

How to use:
1 - Wash your hair with Deep Cleansing Shampoo 2 to 3 times, leaving the cuticles wide open. 2 - Separate the hair into strands. (for resistant hair up to 30 minutes) .4 - Wash your hair well with water, removing all excess product.5 - Brush and flatten 12 to 18 times.

-01 BBtox Macadamia Ojon Tinting 4 in 1 Mask 1Kg