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Brazilian Blowout Progressive Semi Definitive Mona & Lisa 300ml - Retro Cosmetics

Progressive Semi Definitive Mona & Lisa has as active ingredient the vitamin BIOTIN and a combination of natural acids, which prepare the threads to be thermally activated, resulting in a disciplined, volume-free, smooth and intense shine, characteristic of highly sealed cuticles. Innovative formula where it is not necessary to wash your hair before application.

How to Use:
Before applying, make an irritability test and wick.
1 - Separate the hair into four parts and, with the help of a brush, apply the Mona & Lisa Semi Definitive Progressive Brush to 1 cm from the root, spreading the length and ends evenly.
2- Leave to act for 45 minutes and rinse only with water, removing the product completely.
3 - Dry and then plank thin strands 10 to 15 times.
4- Finish as desired.

01 - Semi Definitive Progressive Brush Mona and Lisa Retro 300mL