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Organic White BBtox Açaí Berry 0% Formol Cauterization Mask 1Kg - Facelook


With an innovative formula in order to treat hair without Chemistry, BBtox Orgânico WHITE Facelook Cosméticos, aims to restore deep hydration, nutrition, shine and softness to the threads. Straightening your hair with 0% Formol to not harm the hair or the health of those who are applying and receiving the treatment. It acts by eliminating frizz and providing a Natural Straight.

BBtox Organic WHITE Facelook Cosmetics can be used in pregnant women and lactating women, however always consult your doctor to authorize it.

Aligns the wires so they are disciplined, in addition to nourishing and restoring damaged fibers. It has powerful anti-frizz action, volume reduction and nutri-sealing effect, acts to prevent oxidation of free radicals and seals the cuticles, promoting intense shine and color intensification, leaving your hair smooth and healthy. Deeply reconstitutes the structure, replenishes lost capillary mass, restores shine and natural hair balance. Helps to untangle easily, providing an intense shine.

How to use:
- Wash your hair with a dilating shampoo. Dry 80% of the wires with a dryer;
- With the aid of a comb and brush, start the BBtox Organic WHITE application process, leave the product on pause on the strands according to the hair structure (30min for lightly wavy hair - up to 1h 30m for more resistant hair) ;
- After the recommended pause time, rinse the wires well to remove all the product;

IMPORTANT: For blond or red hair, in addition to taking the product with water, use a moisturizing shampoo with ph3.5? 4,5 so that there is no color change.
- With a towel, remove excess water, dry with the aid of a dryer, and brush very well and then seal the cuticles with the aid of a board 12 to 18 times, thin strands.
Treatment Durability: 20 to 40 days.

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